Has the Essential 8 been tested for quality and safety?

August 13, 2019

At Eimele our mission is simple. We want to create more kyndness in the world through improvements to human health, less harm to animals & greater care for our planet. To achieve this it starts with a trusted brand with products that are not only effective but are safe & responsibly sourced. That is why Essential 8 is a TGA Registered product - a Government registration symbolising the highest of supply & manufacturing standards in Australia for therapeutic goods.

In addition to being TGA registered it was also terribly important that we sourced ingredients that were free from contamination, particularly our Omega 3 DHA/EPA, which when sourced from fish often contain heavy metals. We source our Omega # DHA/EPA oil from Life's Omega who grow algae away from the ocean systems in controlled & sustainable environments free from heavy metals.

Ultimately, the products we develop are consumed not just by our customers but also by ourselves, our friends and our family members. Sacrificing on the purity & quality of our products is not part of our brand DNA.