Essential 8

Packed with eight key vitamins, Essential 8 is a scientifically backed formula, designed to perfectly complement a plant-focussed diet.

This 100% plant-based Australian-made multivitamin is formulated to increase and sustain energy, support the immune system, healthy weight and brain health plus improve mood.

Containing vitamin B12, vitamin D3, omega-3s, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and iodine, in evidence-based dosages and highly bioavailable forms, is especially formulated to deliver your RDI of nutrients, which people eating plant-focussed diets find hardest to obtain.

Vitamin D3 is a powerful compound often referred to as the sunshine vitamin as it helps boost mood as well as help maintain bone health, support weight loss and fight disease [1].

Many on the shelf vitamin supplements are sourced from lanolin in sheep glands but we believe in ethically sourcing Vitamin D3 from plant lichen, which is arguably a purer formula.

The Essential 8 also contains omega-3, sourced from life’s™OMEGA, the first company in the world to combine algal EPA and DHA to deliver a fish-free source of these healthy fats.

Perfect for those following a plant-based diet, this highly absorbable form is an insurance policy to give your body a direct source of DHA/EPA, without consuming fish.

Algae omega-3 supplements have been shown to be just as if not more effective than fish oil, krill oil, and fish in raising levels of long-chain omega-3s in the body [2].

Omegas contain essential fatty acids to help support a healthy heart, eyes and brain function [3].

The zinc glycinate has been shown to enhance immune function, support healthy cell production, manage blood sugar levels, as well as keep your skin, eyes, and heart healthy [4].

Essential 8 contains a powerful combination of both iron and B12 which helps ensure your plant-focussed diet is fully supported.

We use B12 in its plant-based cyanocobalamin form, which studies show is absorbed by the body 44% more than methylcobalamin, derived from animal sources [5].

B12 helps protect the body against anaemia and osteoporosis and can improve the mood and symptoms of depression [6].

We also use the ferrous form of iron which studies show is the most absorbable of plant-based iron sources [7].

Iron is essential when following a plant-based diet, particularly for immune support, maintaining healthy cells, skin and nails as well as increasing energy levels [8].

The Essential 8 also includes selenium which acts as a powerful antioxidant, supports mental alertness and also supports the immune system.

We use the organic form of the compound, which studies show is the best source of selenium [9].

We’ve added calcium to further support your plant-focussed diet. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, heart, muscles and nervous system.

Our formula uses calcium citrate, which studies show is the most absorbable and effective usage [10].

We use Japanese kelp for Iodine which helps support the thyroid gland to ensure it functions properly and is an excellent source of fibre which promotes healthy gut bacteria [11].

Our iodine is rigorously tested to ensure the toxicity levels do not exceed TGA’s recommended limits.

Key active ingredients

Vitamin D3

  • Maintains bone health
  • Supports weight loss
  • RDI 100% (25–50 mcg/1000–2000 IU)


  • Supports brain function
  • Promotes eye health
  • RDI 100%

Zinc Glycinate

  • Supports immune system
  • Promotes heart health
  • RDI 100% (men 12mg/women 6.5mg)


  • Increases energy levels
  • Maintains cognitive function
  • RDI 100% (men 8mg/women 18mg)

Vitamin B12

  • Protects the body against anaemia
  • Promotes energy production
  • RDI 100% (While our dose may seem high given the RDI is 2.4mcg, our formulators have considered the fact that the body only absorbs only a small percentage of B12. 250 mcg per day is a clinically supported dose for preventing B12 deficiency)


  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • RDI 100% (men 70mcg/women 60mcg)


  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Supports healthy muscles and nervous system
  • RDI 25% (1,000mg our dose has considered that it is not recommended one supplements with more than 500mg of calcium per day and that those on a plant-focussed diet can obtain their calcium needs through E8 and their food)


  • Supports the thyroid gland
  • Promotes healthy gut bacteria
  • RDI 100% (150mcg)


IMMUNITY SUPPORT (vitamin B12, selenium)

Supports immune system: Contributes to the normal immune system function
and to cell protection from free radical damage.

The special blend of minerals including iron and zinc give sustained energy throughout the day, while zinc manages blood sugar levels and promotes healthy cell production as well as promote skin health, fight ageing and acne. Iron also protects against anaemia.


Vitamin D3 helps boost the mood, encourage weight loss and fight depression. Calcium helps protect the nervous system and bone health and a healthy heart.


Containing both DHA/EPA, this Australian-made concentrated blend of naturally derived omega-3 supports healthy cell membranes, healthy weight and brain and eye development.


Iodine sourced from Japanese kelp helps support the thyroid, while encouraging healthy gut bacteria.